Parent’s Visit

          Sorry I haven’t written in a while. Busy with my new house and working with my community. Short stories I’m applying for a grant for my women’s association to try to get the business off the ground and I’ve been cleaner than I’ve ever been in my life because I’m petrified of big ugly bugs arriving in my house. Still I’ve only cooked about two meals for myself because of the aforementioned bug reason and my neighbors don’t let me.  But the greatest news is my parents are here!

            I am so fortunate to have adventurous, supportive, amazing parents who let’s say in their seasoned years still want to come visit their crazy daughter in a third world country. They not only visited this wild, disorganized country with almost no amenities of the US, they visited my site!

            Having my real parents meet my community members, who all act like my Dominican parents, was moving. (Also watching my dad attempt Spanish and the hug/kiss on the cheek was hysterical.) Man after man said to my father, “She’s my daughter too”. The women from the association I work with, who are the ultimate mothers to everyone, moved my mother to tears with their love and words. After walking around the mountainous roads in the Dominican sun, drenched in sweat and dry from trying to speak Spanglish my parents finally got to rest. Watching them toast their coconuts, I’ve never been prouder. So glad they got to experience the wonderful spirit of love and generosity that defines my community because unfortunately they also got to experience the ugly side of the DR.

            The capital is a huge contrast to my community; it has more amenities but far fewer friendly faces. Instead of a deep breath of fresh air you inhale car exhaust at every turn. Instead of being surrounded by banana trees and lush flowers, you’re surrounded by phone chargers and knock off everything that people are trying to sell in your face. Instead of the peaceful sound of bugs (yea I said that) and the river you hear horns honking and people yelling.  Instead of familiar smiles on the road, there are glaring eyes looking for anything they can get their sticky fingers on. In Santo Domingo your always on guard and in my campo your instantly at ease. Clearly I’m partial to my community but my parents, who are well traveled, also said, “There is nothing beautiful about this city”.  My mother said if she lived in Santo Domingo she’d constantly be picking up the trash. I personally feel the city is filled with too much trash to be worth the effort.

            Thankfully we left Santo Domingo and all it’s trash behind us Monday and arrived in paradise that same day. We’re relaxing some of the most beautiful beaches, visiting a waterfall tomorrow and yes my seasoned parents are even going zip-lining Thursday. I’m so grateful they are here and am going to hate to see them go. The next person who asks me what I want to be when I grow up I’m going to show them this picture…..Image


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2 Responses to Parent’s Visit

  1. Mom says:

    We are home safe and sound. We visited Sam’s site and came also came home much happier thanks to the wonderful people in Sam’s community. It is clear they really love her and will do anything to help keep her happy and healthy. We also developed a stronger appreciation for Sam’s toughness and determination once we saw how she deals with the issues of no running water and limited electricity. Now if only she never had to go to Santa Domingo…We love you Sam and are incredibly proud of you. By the way, the DR does not do enough to advertise its beautiful pennisula of Samana where we spent the last six days.

  2. kennik0591 says:

    We had a wonderful visit and had selfish thoughts of wishing you could come home with us. I understand more now after visiting your campo and meeting all those warm friendly people why it is so compelling for you to help them as much as possible. You never cease to amaze us and I know I could never do what you are doing on a daily basis. I am sure you will learn from them some aspects of life that you would never encounter here in the US. We are very proud of you and love you very much!

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